London Ontario. Outside looking in

Posted: September 29, 2011 in blogging, technology
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London is my home.  Maybe not geographically any more since I officially live just outside it, but I work in London, my business is there, and the glow from the city is easily seen from my house.  Sometimes that glow is a healthy one, that of a growing and maturing city as it stretches it physical borders, expanding both geographically and in numerous fields such as healthcare and technology.

Other times however it is the glow brought about from the video cameras of the rest of the country looking at it.

That is what this past week brought, but not the good kind of publicity and attention.  Between the perceived racist action of throwing a banana on the ice at a hockey game, to the human rights violation out at the Trails End/ London Sales Arena against a few transgendered workers at a candle booth, and the tazing of a 17-year-old by an over zealous police officer who obviously forgot he is trained in hand to hand combat, conflict resolution and carries a billy club, London certainly got its name in the news.

A few years ago, these news item may not have even made the news, but thanks to technology and social media no one can hide anymore, and your actions are always under scrutiny.  Good or bad, things get noticed and commented on, and in the case of these 3 recent incidents, the outrage on the social sites has focused the attention of the local media as well as the rest of the country on our little forest city.

We all need to remember that when we do anything in the public eye, we are first and foremost considered Londoners, Ontarians, and also Canadians, and it reflects on how people view the entire city as well as the individual.  Just as in sales, it is much easier to make a good impression than it is to fix a bad one, and basically we are all in the PR department of the City of London so lets keep putting our best foot forward to ensure we keep that healthy glow.



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