Steve Jobs. A man lost. A legacy that lives on.

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Apple
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Few men get to do what they love and make money doing it. Even fewer get to change the world so profoundly that they become a household name, a name as equally respected as the company he helped build and the products he helped to create.
Steve Jobs was such a man.
The indisputable truth is that he changed the way we use computers, listened to and purchased music, and thought about technology. I look around at all the tech in my house and realize how many ways that he led Apple into my family’s lives, making them better and easier and more connected in so many ways.

Hopefully the example he set in his striving to think different, never settling for second best, and never-resting on his laurels will continue in his absence, and the great company he brought back from the brink of bankruptcy to become one of the most respected and best run companies in the US will continue to bring us amazing products and advances in technology.

He was a visionary when it came to what we all wanted and needed, often knowing better than ourselves it seems.  His legacy isn’t any one particular product, it is the company he helped to create and nourish to become a force in the technological world that isn’t afraid to think different and take chances.  We can all learn from his passion, his courage and his work ethic.  Rest in peace Steve. Long live your legacy.


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