I’ve lost that blogging feeling

Posted: October 17, 2011 in blogging, reviews, technology
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Okay, now that I’ve got that earworm firmly planted… (admit it, you are humming that 1964 classic from The Righteous Brothers aren’t you?)

Typically all the tech updates and new product releases of late would have had me scrambling for my laptop to blog about them, but not this time. The world is inundated with “writers” going on about the latest and greatest tech advances as soon as they hit the streets.  I was gobsmacked by the glut of blogs posting reviews of the iPhone4s within hours of it being officially released.  All basically saying the same things as if just paraphrasing a press release.

It seems to me that in the race to capture the most readers many sites and writers have lost sight of the main point of writing.  To inform or entertain, or hopefully both.

Where’s the originality? Or the personal touch?  I’d much rather see a review posted a few days after the release of the new product that has some in-depth and original thought than a routine spewing forth of the latest features without any real-world usage of that product. I’m not really picking on the iPhone4s on purpose, it’s just a current example of the point I’m trying to make.  Have we lost the art of writing in our attempts to capture a bigger piece of the blog-viewer-pie?  If a reader just wanted a laundry list of features then they can go to the manufacturer’s website for that.  Give me something to chew on, something thought-provoking or at least educate me about a specific feature that isn’t covered by every tom, dick and harry with a tech-blog or online magazine.

What are you’re thoughts?  Am I just too close to the issue, or did I hit the nail on the head?  Is the world getting over-saturated with the same info simply due to the ease of getting it out there?  Does the lack of editors for many blogsites/websites make it so easy for them to post that even the so-called professional sites are spending less time with their posts just so they can post faster?

I think we all need to slow down and smell the roses, pick the daisies, etc., and put more effort into the content getting posted.  Instead of just worrying about being first, lets all try to be best.



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