Wine Picks & Pairings in your pocket

Posted: December 18, 2011 in apps, iPad, iphone, iPod, reviews, technology
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Maybe it’s not the intended purpose, but I’ve used @NatalieMacLean ‘s wine app  (check it out here) a few times this week to check prices on bottles of wine when in a restaurant to see the crazy markup they charge. A $12 bottle of wine in the LCBO costs about $40 in a restaurant? That’s a little ridiculous, there should be some sort of governing body that allows a certain maximum markup on a bottle of vino that you can buy at the LCBO when resold in a restaurant.  Probably not going to happen though, since I’m sure the argument would be that if you don’t like the prices, don’t buy the wine.

Getting back to the app (which is available for iPhones, iPods, Blackberrys and Android devices), another maybe not intended usage although I’m sure she doesn’t mind, is checking to see what Nat says about certain bottles of wine we have in our cupboard (sorry no cellar here, we’re just not that classy) to see which is suitable as a gift.  We typically have a few bottles on hand as last-minute gifts, or just in case gifts, or sometimes “its been a rough week” bottles.  Her app proves especially handy at Christmas time since its always nice to give a well suited bottle of wine rather than just guessing, or even to prevent you from giving someone a cheap bottle of wine thinking it was better than it is.  The LCBO prices listed for the bottles in her app come in very handy to help prevent that.  You can also pop over to her website and see what she says about the bottle in question in her reviews.

Like I said, maybe it’s not the intended use, and the app does so much more than I mentioned here, but  having a pocket sommelier to help you select a bottle of wine at a restaurant, or as a gift, or to bring to a party is a great thing to have any time of year but especially useful during the holiday season, which always seems so busy and so short.

As Simon Fowler put it  “Get up and dance, get up and smile, get up and drink to the days that are gone in the shortest while“.



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