iPod Nano 1st gen Replacement. Too bad car manufacturers don’t do this.

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Apple, hardware, iPod, reviews, technology
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A while back I got this email from Apple about the Apple Nano replacement program and in checking into it found out we did indeed have one of these 1st gen Nanos in our house, buried in a desk drawer unused for years, thankfully not bursting into flames.

The process was simple.  Check the serial number on Apple’s website (here if you want) and if you do indeed have one of these wee beasties, fill out the necessary info to get a shipment box sent to you.  As I said, we did, so we did, and low and behold within a few days an empty box arrived to ship the “defective” Nano back to Apple in.

I’d almost forgotten about the poor little firestarter until an email hit my inbox telling me a replacement had been shipped, and gave me a serial number.  I of course popped over to Apple’s support website and pasted that serial number in to see what they were sending back.  (https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do) As it turned out, they were replacing the 6-year-old Nano with a brand new 6th generation model.  Sweet!

the serial number showed me what was being sent back

Within days the box arrived with the new Nano in it, no fancy packaging, just a simple plastic bag and foam packing inside the same box I had sent in a few weeks earlier.  I’d seen the latest Nano before of course, but never really thought much about them.  I mean, we all either have iPod touches or iPhones in our house, what do we need a tiny little iPod for as well?  I couldn’t be more wrong.

First impression of this little easily misplaced idevice? Two words:  I want.

The clock function of this thing is the part that made me go “ooohh” at first, thinking that with one of the numerous optional wristbands it would be cool to have a watch with so many different faces that you could change on a whim to match your mood, but once I spent a couple of minutes playing with it and seeing what else it could do, it was quickly evident this wasn’t a one-trick pony.

8 gig of storage for music and apps (you can also get a 16 gig version, but the replacement we got was an 8), a handy and very sturdy clip to let you take this thing with you anywhere without the worry of it falling out of your pocket (again, sorry iPhone, i didn’t mean to drop you so many times) and a battery life that should last you all day.  The cool little feature of being able to change the audio to mono for those times you want to listen with only one ear (like when jogging for instance, maybe even while using the Nike Fitness app that comes standard on it), and the built-in radio tuner so you won’t miss hearing some of the new music you will want to buy later from iTunes, the list goes on and on.  Quite an impressive list of features built into something the size of a pack of matches.

All in all, I think Apple stepped up and did the right thing, and in doing so got a lot of good karma from it.  Not to mention potentially driving up sales of the latest iPod Nano.  My guess is that there will be a few of these things floating around our house in the next couple of months. For birthdays, Mother’s day, heck even Father’s day if i can hold out that long.  Come to think of it they are made in China, so maybe it would be a good thing to buy myself for Chinese New year since that’s only a couple of weeks away.

Now if only I could get my 9-year-old car replaced with a new model for free.  Of course, it would need a really, really, large RMA box.



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