Air Playit. Pretty much does exactly what you’d expect from the name

Posted: February 2, 2012 in apps, iPad, iphone, Mac OSX, reviews, software, Windows
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I’ve reviewed this program before (previous post here) but was notified recently of a substantial update to it, as well as the availability of the Android App and iPad app.  Typically unless there have been some major improvements, an App or program doesn’t justify getting blogged about again.  I’m not here to try and help sell products, but since this one is free and also substantially quicker than the previous version, I think it’s worth the time and space.

As i’ve said before, Air Playit is a way to get the media off your computer (referred to as server) to your portable devices, be it an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone via WiFi or remote network or even over 3G/4G.  WiFi setup is by far the easiest, but even the remote server setup is not that tough.  If you’ve got media you want to stream then this little program will do it, and do it well.  Some of the key features are listed below…

1, Free video music streaming app suitable for both Windows and Mac users.

2, Stream video music to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android via WiFi, 3G/4G network.

3, Acts as personal audio video cloud server and lets you watch videos on the go.

4, Capable of streaming and playing 320 different video & audio formats on your iPhone iPad Android without video conversion and sync.

5, Enable hardware encoding of Air Playit Server with CUDA.

6, Support Multi-tasking Music Background Playback; guarantee smooth playing even in case of screen lock.

server setup on your computer

you can even enable remote shut down

It’ll even stream your media from your server thru your device and out to an Apple TV. (this can be a little laggy if you have a slow wifi network but it worked okay for me considering it is receiving and transmitting at the same time)

What if instead of streaming, you want to take some videos with you for offline viewing.  No problem, the app does that.  Just browse down thru the media being served to you and instead of hitting the “Play” button just click on the “Download to iPhone” (iPad,iPod,etc – whichever device you are using)  It’ll store the media for later use inside the app for you.

You can read about the iTunes app here…
And the full program for Windows or Mac (either one is only 11 meg) is here…

I noticed there was an update bringing the iPhone App up to version 1.8, hopefully it fixes the little glitches I was seeing.

So what’s new?  According to the nice people over at Digiarty Software Inc., there are numerous fixes and a bunch of new features…

a. Download music file directly to local device without the need of playing, also applied to downloading video in the computer
b. Improved H.264 + AAC encoding speed and image quality.
c. Fixed Bonjour discovery service, basically avoided the failure in finding Air Playit Server.
d. Optimized automatic synchronous video conversion module, improved both the efficiency and image quality; make iPhone and iPad support 1080P more easily.
e. Optimized the module for connecting Client to the Server to facilitate remote server connection via 3G network.
f. Fixed the way of managing user permission of Server so that only Admin can change server PIN.
g. Fixed a bug in server connection.
h. Made big changes in iPhone iPad Client, and solved most feedback problems.
i. All users of Air Playit have the rights to update to V1.8.0 and install the latest version of Server. This is the most important upgrade of all upgrades and updates.

a glitch?

play or download

remote control of server

As I said earlier, if you’ve got stuff on your server and want to see it on your portable device, this is a great way to do that.  Fast, easy to setup and seems to work with pretty much any file format or codec I have thrown at it.  (Truth be told, I was just about to test the Android app functionality compared to the iPhone app when the Android smart phone in question was used as a shield in a volleyball game, suffering some pretty serious damage.  Argh.  But that’s a story for another time.)

Air Playit.  Check it out.  Free software that works well.  Gotta love that,



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