Getting old and forgetful? There’s an app for that.

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Apple, apps, hardware, iphone, Mac OSX, Security, technology
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You know that panic you feel when you realize you don’t have your phone in your pocket/purse/belt-pouch? Well, if it’s an iPhone you lost and you’ve set up Find my Phone, then you can breathe a little easier.
Sadly, it has happened to me twice in the past couple of weeks. Chalk it up to being in a rush to leave the office, or having too many things on my mind at the end of the day, but more than once I’ve gotten home only to realize I’ve left my connection to the world sitting on my desk at work. Or more precisely, hoped that was where it was and not sitting in a parking lot smashed because it fell out of my pocket.

Thankfully the app Find My iPhone can put that concern to rest.  If you haven’t already set it up on your iPhone then pop onto iCloud ( and take care of that. Aside from being able to track the whereabouts of your phone, it can also track your Macs for you. Not something I typically misplace, but then again, I never imagined myself misplacing my iPhone either.

you should check out each at your leisure

Logging into iCloud gives you the options shown in the screen grab  which I’m sure most Mac users have used at least a couple of.

Clicking on the Find My iPhone icon takes you to the map screen which shows you which devices you have associated with your iCloud account that you can locate. The fact I can also find my MacBook Air may come in handy at some time but right now the device in question is my iPhone. Clicking on the device in the list, will return the location on the map and give you the option of sending a message to your phone, locking it, or even wiping its contents.  For me, all I wanted to know was where it was, but its good to know if it was lost I could lock it remotely or delete all my personal data from it with just a few clicks.

oh there it is, right where i left it

you even get a notification email

Maybe it is not the intended use of the App, but sometimes its the unintended uses that become the most used and important features.  At least for me in this case.

Serves me right for not being more aware. I do the old spectacles/testicles/wallet/watch thing (substituting my iPhone for testicles) whenever I leave in the morning for work, and also at the end of the day when leaving the office and mistook what was in my pocket for my smartphone.  sigh.

I’m chalking it up to distraction and not old age, but whatever the excuse, I’m glad I could easily check and see that my phone was safe and sound and resting comfortably at the office right where I had left it. Find My iPhone won’t help me to remember to bring it home with me, but at least I know where it is. Now if only there was an app to help me remember to bring it home.


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