iOS 5.1: Where’d my lock screen camera go

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Apple, iphone
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Sometimes I wonder why things get changed, and the lock screen camera on the iPhone in iOS 5.1 is one of those times.

At first I looked at and watched it bounce when I double-clicked the home button as I had been doing since the update to iOS 5.  Clicking it did nothing but make it bounce. As cute as that is I wanted my quick access to the camera.

Well, as it turns out Apple changed that feature.  Beginning with this update (iOS 5.1), you now need to swipe or slide the camera icon up towards the top of the screen.  Pretty much the opposite of the notifications area at the top of the screen sliding down that I’m sure most people are used to and loving by now.

So why the change?  Who knows.  Well, I’m sure Apple knows, but they are not telling.  I figure it’s just another way to get us used to sliding or swiping as they prefer to call it.  Possibly getting us used to not having a home button to click at all in the near future?  Time will tell, for now, forget clicking and get used to swiping, Apple says it’s the way of the future and we really get no choice in the matter.


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