TinkerTool: An essential tweaking tool for your Mac

Posted: March 16, 2012 in computers, Mac OSX, reviews, software, technology
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I’m sure most Mac users who have ever been frustrated by the default actions or setup of the Mac OS X, have spent time in the System Preferences trying to get your Mac working the way you’d like. Sometimes to the point of frustration. For some of those goofy default actions, TinkerTool may be the answer for you.

I admit I only use a small percentage of all the things Tinkertool can do, but it’s been a part of my tool bag since it was introduced in 2001, and with the latest edition that is Lion compatible, it was the answer for me to the question “how do I get preview to stop showing me past images all the time?

Sure, I could disable versions in the System Preferences, but I wanted a more app-by-app solution.  That is exactly what TinkerTool brings to the table.

Preview and QuickTime changed to not restore

The little 1.5 meg free download is available here.

Once you get it installed, take a little tour thru all its options and you’ll be amazed at what it can do and all without opening up Terminal and typing in any cryptic command-line code.

I know, it sounds like I’m poo-pooing using the command-line, but I’m not.  I actually like the old-timer way of typing code for some things, but for the novice or someone who likes to use a GUI instead of it, then TinkerTool may be very handy.

A warning, kinda.  There isn’t a lot you can screw up too badly, but if you do, then that little “Reset” button at the end of the Toolbar may be your best friend.  It may be best to make changes one at a time and see what they do, rather than making many all at once and not really knowing which “tweak” did what.

For me, changing the “Resume” function for each app individually (as shown in the screenshot above) was one of the best features ever added to TinkerTool, and it keeps getting better with each OS and each release of the software.  Mad props to Marcel for keeping this program up-to-date and keeping it free.



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