WordPress App for iPhone. Just keeps getting better

Posted: March 22, 2012 in apps, blogging, iPad, iphone, reviews, software
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I’ve tried over the years to start my blog drafts on my iPhone and then do the final tweaking on a PC simply because its hard to see what the finished result is going to be on the small screen. That and the fact the older version of the app was always a pain to get photos where I wanted them on the post I was working on. Well, i’ve got to say, with the latest updates to the iPhone WordPress app, that is no longer the case. I decided to try and do entire posts from my iPhone without ever even checking to see what they look like on the big screen, which thankfully seems to be working quite well (as you can see in the screen grab- the one with Preview at the top)




There are a few things you need to know when using the app, mainly what the little symbols across the bottom do, especially if you just want to save your post as a draft and not accidentally post it instead.

You can guess at the first one,the pencil, it is where you write, the second , the cog, is for settings. This is the one I screwed up on and didn’t change a post I was working on to draft so it published it when I hit update. Oops. (the third screengrab shows the setting I forgot to change. As you can see it clearly shows draft now) The third icon, the eye, is for previewing what your post will look like on your blog. After that is the paperclip, the movie symbol and the photo symbol. Each of which is pretty much self-explanatory as to their purpose.

The only thing that is a little goofy is the previewing of the saved post since it scales everything to fit your iPhone screen instead of my typical LCD laptop or desktop screen.

Another item of note, is the “update” in the top corner of the screen whenever you make a change, it doesn’t mean update the app, it means update the post – basically it saves it. You need to “update” your post to save it which allows it to be previewed properly, otherwise you get a message telling you “Sorry the post has changed, or its is not published. A simple preview is shown below.”

Aside from a few little glitches that were basically just me not knowing how things worked, the app is a great way to get your message out there as long as you don’t mind the occasional goofy-looking layout that may occur when viewed full screen on a larger display.


ps – this entire blog post including screen grabs was done using the WordPress app on my iPhone.


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