iPhone5: beyond the hype and hyperbole

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Apple, hardware, iphone, reviews, technology
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When you think about your iPhone it is probably the object you use most in your life.  Its the product you have with you all the time…

A hell of an opening statement from Jony Ive.

So now the Apple kool-aid has worn off and everybody has returned to their everyday lives (it has been a whole day after all) you may be wondering, as I am, “should I upgrade?”  Or for some users of other phones/smartphones, ‘is now the time to make the switch?”

In a word, probably.  For me, I’ve been leapfrogging the various upgrades and only upgrading my iPhone every second one.  I skipped the first iPhone since I had a Blackberry at the time and couldn’t see the need to change.  I did switch and got an iPhone 3G which was and still is a great decision.  Since then, I upgraded my wife’s old flip phone to a 3Gs, and then I got the iPhone 4 when it came out, then upgraded hers to the 4s, so as you can see it is my turn and with the impressive specs of the latest iPhone I will be putting my name on a waiting list someplace to get one.

I said impressive specs, which is a bit subjective.  As an upgrade to someone using an iPhone 4 or the 3Gs the iPhone 5 is a huge improvement, maybe not so much if you are already using a 4s though.  Harder to justify the change when you do a side by side comparison and think about your actual usage of the device.  If you want to have a phone that screams when playing games, or really need the slightly larger screen, or slightly better camera & microphone then maybe, otherwise i’d be sticking with the 4s and waiting to see how much of a knee-capping (if any) iOS6 does to the iPhone4s.

I’m pretty sure the iOS update when it is released is going to nearly kill the 3Gs due to its processor being so outdated now, and even the iPhone 4 will probably be too slow for certain features and apps to work properly, but I have to believe the 4s will still be quite responsive and continue to be a joy to use as are all Apple products… oops, guess there was still a little kool-aid in my system after all.



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