Try something new, it’s humbling.

Posted: November 30, 2012 in blogging, Uncategorized
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I’ve been working in the Engineering field for quite a while (anything you can measure in decades is quite a while in my opinion).  Some days it feels like forever, others it feels like it has flashed by on fast-forward.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that settles into comfortable ways of doing things, or sometimes does things without much thought when it comes to designing simply because you’ve been doing it so long its second nature.  Be it a website, a dress, a device, or an entire building, we designer types sometimes forget what its like to be “green” or a “noob” until you have to try to explain something to someone who is.

From that perspective, I have a lot of respect for teachers that do precisely that each and every year, especially the ones in the younger grades – not something I could do without self-medicating.   Every time we hire someone knew it is a wake-up call for me as to how much “stuff” we are just expected to know, but also, how frustrating it can be for both sides.  Teacher and student, master and disciple, old fart and whippersnapper, etc., there is a lot of time and patience required from both sides.

For that reason, I like to challenge myself to try new things, be it something simple or complicated the process is the same.  You need to learn, and typically learning comes from experience and example, which as mentioned above, is easier when you have a good resource to pull from.

So remember the next time you get asked a bunch of “stupid” questions, whether it is from your kids, your coworkers, or a random stranger, we are not born knowing everything, life is a learning experience that never stops.  Well, except for that one big stop at the end.  Up until that time, try something new, if for no other reason than to remind yourself how it feels to not know how to do everything.



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