It pays to be vocal when it comes to getting good service

Posted: March 12, 2013 in blogging, social networking
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Walking into my neighbourhood Timmies and having the girl place my “large with cream” on the counter in front of me before I can even finish ordering.  That’s customer service.  Recognizing me, knowing my routine and exceeding my expectations.

hotel-cust-servNow the other side of the coin.  In atypical-Canadian fashion I took the time to complain both in person and during an online survey about a recent stay at a well-known hotel chain that is my usual choice when it comes to staying overnight for business.

The room I was in was not exactly dirty, just so outdated and antiquated that it fell very short of my expectations and I couldn’t just let it slide.  I had called the front desk shortly after arriving at my room to complain about the temperature in the room.  Sure it was a real cold snap at the time, but that is no excuse for a facility whose entire business is providing a place to sleep. Then there was the intermittent TV reception and internet connectivity.  Both of which are very important when you are trying to work remotely while away from the office. I was greeted with perfunctory replies and an unconvincing apology about the TV and internet.  Apparently they were having trouble and their provider was looking into it and would let me know what they found out.  Basically the more wordy equivalent of  “yep we know”.

The next day as I was leaving, the front desk person asked me how my stay was,  So I told him, in no uncertain terms.  He was apologetic and stood there mouth open shocked by my frankness I guess.  I left, going on about my day and didn’t think anything more of it until I saw an email from the hotel’s head office in my inbox.  A routine satisfaction survey.  I took the 5 minutes to answer the questions and logged my complaints.  Honestly I didn’t expect anything to come of it.  Much to my surprise I received an email from the hotel manager explaining how they were renovating the hotel and I had been in one of the pre-reno rooms.  He went further and asked that I give them another chance next time I’m in the area.  I of course immediately thought of the night I’d spent there and expressed my concern with reliving that experience.  He assured me I’d be in one of the newly redone rooms and hoped I’d take him up on the offer.  Again, I expected that to be the last of it, but a week or so late an envelope arrived with a certificate for a free stay at that hotel.  Not just any room, but a luxury king sized guest room.  Colour me impressed.

I guess the moral to this rather long-winded post is that, if you don’t make a comment or complaint, how can you expect things to get better?  So stop being a wallflower and stand up for what you deserve and want.  Within reason of course, being remembered for being overbearing is not going to get you anything but spit in your food or coffee.  And that is not the double-double I want.


  1. museconfuse says:

    I agree! i always give feedback..but not in an overbearing manner (unless they are rude to me, then it’s all guns blazing. ;))


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