A rest from being connected. Sorta.

Posted: July 15, 2013 in blogging, hardware, social networking, technology
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disconnectedFor the past couple of weeks I’ve been off the social-grid, kinda.  Limited use on purpose, not really present on Twitter or Facebook aside from the occasional photo or two, and then limited access due to some technical difficulties. Guess my Time Capsule is getting old and forgetful and decided it needed a rest too.

I, like most, can’t be totally disconnected, our lives are too reliant on our phones to keep in touch, or the internet for our entertainment, or our maps app to know where the heck we are sometimes – I found more small towns by accident than I could shake a stick at.  Which I think was one of the festivals that was going on when I passed through one of the them.  But I wanted to try to limit my time spent indoors on the web this vacation and instead do things that involved being out in the world instead of viewing it on a screen.  I was successful, sorta, because as I said, even the act of taking my daughter to school each day involved texting back and forth. That and my obsession with playing the Simpsons Tapped Out game on my iPad, but that only took a few minutes a day.

As I mentioned, we ended up having technical difficulties which thwarted my attempts at being less connected as much as it should have helped them since it basically forced me to be disconnected.  Being forced to be, and wanting to be are completely different things though.

The failure of our old faithful Apple Time Capsule (TC), which for those of you not sure what that is,  is basically a router with a hard drive built-in, which has worked flawlessly for years, that is up until I decided I wanted a break from being connected at which time it decided the same thing – Much to the chagrin of my family.  So, despite my wants I was forced to spend some time trying to get it to work again. Without boring you with all the details, it turned out a new airport express and a resetting of the TC back to factory defaults, and a few power cycles and it seems all is right with the world again.  Better part of a day spent troubleshooting and talking to my Nerd friend (thanks Mark) and things seem to be working as well as ever.  So much for taking a rest.

Anyway, the point I’m getting at is two-fold.  One, the world doesn’t care about your intentions, you can plan all you want and something is going to come along to change those plans.  And two, being connected isn’t a bad thing, just make sure it isn’t the ONLY thing.  Put down that tech, go outside, and look around at the world without doing it via a display.  Life is meant to be experienced, not just viewed.



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