Everything I needed to know I could have learned from my chickens. Well, Almost.

Posted: September 10, 2013 in blogging, social networking
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chickens-learnHaving chickens is one of the reasons I liked the idea of moving out to “the country“.  The quotes are there because I can see the city limits from my drive, and up until recently we were the first house outside of town.  That is not true, we are still the first house, just not the first municipal address anymore, since the farmer that owns the land around us decided he is going to build a house.  But I digress.  Getting back to the point, chickens.  They are a little microcosm of the world in my own yard, and I see many similarities between them and the way we humans act.

1. Henpecked. Yep. I understand that now. Watching the chickens fight with any new chickens that are brought into the flock, you can definitely see where that expression comes from.

2. Social acceptance. Yep. That too. Whether new or old, there is a definite hierarchy in the flock, and some of the chickens that you’d expect to just fit in don’t, where others do.

3. Blending in? Yep. Seen it. Sometimes just looking like another chicken is good enough to let you join the little sub-cliques in the flock, well, brood actually, since its mostly the hens that do the fighting and are constantly adjusting the pecking-order.

4. Standing up for yourself.  This is one that seems to take a while for the new ones to figure out.  If you don’t stand up for yourself, you are going to be continually picked on especially when it comes to feeding time.

5. Take time to relax.  Taking dirt baths and laying in the sun may seem like a strange thing for us to emulate, but the concept is good – enjoy the weather while you can.  I’ll stick with using water to clean myself though.

One thing they are not good at.  Don’t shit where you eat.  This is something the chickens can’t seem to grasp but Its good advice for those of us who don’t walk around just crapping constantly.  This is a lesson everyone needs to learn, the old, “don’t burn bridges” thing.  Sometimes its tough to bite your tongue and not let people know what you think, but you never know when that same person is going to have a different position in your life and you will have to work along with them for the greater good.  Sometimes it would be nice to be like the chickens in that respect and just peck the other person in the head and then move on.  They seem to have the ability to deal with conflict easily without getting into a long drawn out disagreement.

For such a simple creature, they seem to have this “living” thing figured out.  Even taking the time to enjoy the sunset… they have that down.

cackle on,



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