The email draft folder – your personal therapist

Posted: October 11, 2013 in blogging
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Homer-choking-bartSometimes you just need to have a place to vent.

We’ve all had those “people” in our work lives that you wish you could pull a Homer Simpson on and just strangle, but that is frowned upon in today’s society.

Enter the email draft folder.  The perfect place to rant and vent about those annoying clients/friends/customers/cohorts/whathaveyou without burning any bridges or making the matter worse.  But, take heed – do not put any addresses in the TO or CC address lines.  Click reply if it’s a particularly aggravating email that caused the necessary vent, but be sure to clear out the address fields before you get too far with your rant in case you accidentally hit send instead of save.  Hasn’t happened to me yet, thankfully, but it’s always a possibility.  One that could take a therapeutic rant and make it into a lawsuit or in the least make your life a living hell while you try to backtrack you way out of it.

The need to vent happens to me more often than I’d like to admit, which is why my draft folder sometimes has a half-dozen unsent items in it.  Little gems like…

This seems to be lost on you, possibly due to your lack of experience or arrogance or ignorance, I’m not sure which.  All I am sure of is that you have done little to keep the project flowing smoothly despite all your talk.”

or this little gem from earlier today… “Maybe given time and experience, hopefully under the tutelage of a real (redacted) who cares more about the end product than trying to make himself look important, you will become someone who can manage a project on your own, but currently you are obviously out of your depth.”


It can be very helpful to get it off your chest, and hey sometimes that’s all you need to be able to move on and just push through it without going postal.  Take a few minutes to spew forth a nicely worded response and then save it, or delete it, never to be sent.

Truth be told, I have a draft blog post entry folder too.  Maybe someday some of those will see the light of day, or more precisely a computer screen, but for now it helps me clear my head of all the angry voices and put forth the calm cool collected persona you see here.

And no I’m not going to use that damn overused mantra of late about “keep cool and…” to end this post  Although, the overuse of that expression is fodder for another draft.



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