A heartfelt thank-you to Apple Customer Support

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Apple, hardware, iPad
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apple-supportTech breaks. It happens to us all. When it does it can be frustrating, especially so if it is something you use all the time.
That is what happened to my youngest daughters iPad Mini, the one she got for Christmas last year.  The wake/sleep button on the top got jammed in and would not pop back up.  She’d been using it for some time and honestly I’d forgotten to contact Apple about it, thinking I’d have to bring it into the store and have them look at it which, as I mentioned, is difficult since she uses it constantly.

I finally remembered to pop into the local Apple store the other night and ask.  To my surprise, they said they don’t fix them – they just replace them when the button sticks.  Crap.  I knew it was out of warranty, and I mentioned that to the Apple Store employee and he said “try calling 1-800- MYAPPLE and see what they have to say“.  I figured, what the heck, nothing to lose at this point.

I called and got thru pretty quick to an actual person after a few simple automated questions, and explained my situation.  Without even having to raise a stink I was put thru to a more senior customer support agent and talked to her briefly explaining how it was a Christmas gift from last year but was already out of warranty since it was purchased in mid-november. (serves me right for shopping early)  She basically reiterated the same comment I had heard at the Apple Store, and said she would make an exception and note it in my file and create a case number for me, then gave me the option of mailing it in for replacement or swapping it at a local store.  I was flabbergasted, and said in a store would be best I suppose, should be quicker, right?  She checked and scheduled an appointment for me at the Masonville Apple Store the next day, and sent me an email to confirm both the appointment and give me her contact info should anything go wrong or I needed further help.

I went to the store as scheduled and after explaining the situation to a Genius, he checked the broken iPad mini, filled in a quick form on his iPad which I signed, then did a factory reset/erase of the old mini, and handed me a new one.

I was and am pleasantly surprised and impressed with everyone’s service in this matter, from the initial contact with the Apple store, to Tiffani at MYAPPLE, and to the genius bar worker (I missed his name), it went as smooth as possible with little to no stress.  They didn’t have to do it, the device was clearly out of warranty, but they stepped up and replaced it anyway, making me a happy Apple customer (yet again), and my daughter thrilled to have a fully functioning iPad and be able to use the wake/sleep button again.  Although I am going to tell her to lay off the screen grabs a bit after backing up her old iPad photos and seeing the ridiculous amount of them she takes.  Between those and “selfies”, she is going to need an iPad with more storage soon.



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