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Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This is probably going to upset a few parents with kids that have nut allergies, but I’m gonna say it anyway.
As a parent of a vegetarian in grade 7, I am sick and tired of being told what we can send to school and what we can’t. Our kids aren’t sharing lunches. They don’t run around kissing or licking each other. There really isn’t any excuse for this ban of all nut related foods in the entire school.

So many items we purchase to give our daughter a healthy lunch that is vegetarian have those dreaded words “may contain…” or “packaged in a facility that…” on them it makes shopping a pain in the ass to put it bluntly.

Peanut butter is a great, inexpensive meat substitute, and we as a family eat a very large amount of the natural kind.  You know the one with only one ingredient, peanuts.  We’ve done the cashew butter, almond butter, soya butter – but have been told no nuts of any kind are allowed in school.   argh.

Sure, when the kids are little and curious, say for instance, kindergarten thru grade 4 or so, I can understand if you have a child with allergies in your kids class, then you need to limit the items being sent to school, but once they get to be in the higher grades they should know enough about their allergies and what will happen if they consume something they are allergic to.  If you can’t trust your teenage child or tween to monitor what they are eating or coming in contact with, then maybe you need to rethink your parenting techniques.  Maybe buy one of those plastic bubbles for them to go to school in, or get them used to wearing a hazmat suit, because as soon as they enter high school they are on their own and going to be surrounded by lots of nut consuming students, it is after all still one of the most common and popular lunch choices and considered by many to be a comfort food for us Canadians, and not just the vegetarians.  Why not allow it in the older grades in public school where there still is closer supervision of the kids instead of waiting until they go into a much larger school and are lost in the crowd?

Okay, rant over.  And on that note… PB and saltine crackers anyone?



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