Ch ch ch ch Changes

Posted: June 3, 2014 in blogging, memories, technology
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Watching the latest Apple WWDC keynote on Monday reminded me how much things change and advance, as well as how quickly things come and go.  Not just in technology, where the lifespan of a device is sped up to near ridiculous levels, but in all parts of life.  To that end, the incredible early 70’s song “Changes” by the thin white duke David Bowie comes to mind, especially one line in particular… “Time may change me, But I can’t trace time“.

Time does change us and we can’t always point to exactly when it happened, or why.  Change isn’t just around us, it’s within us too.  It has to be, not only to grow physically, but mentally as well.  Not only to grow but to adapt.  Not only to adapt but to accept.  Just as change is unavoidable, so is acceptance of those changes if you want to keep moving forward.  For this reason we all have to accept and live with changes.  Good or bad, they are going to happen.  Trying to stop change is akin to trying to hold water in your hands – eventually its going to slip thru despite your best efforts.

I get a little pensive and introspective at this time of year, as the anniversary of my brother’s death looms.  Thoughts tend to shift towards the ‘what if’s‘ and the ‘if onlys‘ that anyone who has lost someone unexpectedly inevitably ponders.  What would thing be like if it hadn’t happened? In the end, you have to push those thoughts aside and accept and adapt to the changes in life.   Time does change us.   Accept.  Adapt.  But never forget what life was like beforehand.

rest in peace bro.  ride on.



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