Netflix and Xbox Live. Gold not needed. Finally.

Posted: June 19, 2014 in gaming, hardware, technology
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netflix-nomoregoldIts been a few years, (I ranted about this a while back) but it seems Xbox finally caved and will now let us use our Xbox consoles to watch Netflix without forcing us to have a Xbox Live Gold membership.

There isn’t much of an explanation, nor any real fanfare on the Xbox site, just a small note in their frequently asked question section that they “are committed to delivering the best gaming and entertainment experience to you – our most loyal fans.”

It’s funny that Netflix is the one informing customers about this, you’d think Microsoft would be all over it trying to shine up their tarnished public image.

Who knows, I may even turn on my Xbox 360 and use it again, although I, like many I presume, have already found other ways of getting Netflix onto our TVs.  Another example of too little too late I think.  If you are going to wait years to respond to the outcry, don’t be surprised if no one is listening when you finally do.



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