8 years. 

Posted: June 3, 2015 in memories

  It’s been 8 years. And while I can’t say a day doesn’t go by without thinking about my older brother, I can say that most of the memories are good ones. Mostly childhood shared experiences or family adventures from my youth. Goofy things we did or things that happened that in looking back make me smile.  Some of them are so vivid it’s hard to believe they happened so long ago.  Did we really learn to swim (and dive) in a 4 ft deep above ground pool?

June 3rd 2007 was a bad day. But a lifetime of memories to cherish and remember make the anniversary of it, and the days in between a little easier.  Don’t get me wrong we were close enough in age that sibling rivalry was a real issue, and oneupmanship was rampant and I’m amazed we didn’t get hurt more often because of the things we dared each other to do. 

I admit some days do pass where I’m not sure I’ve thought about my brother, I think it’s natural that as life goes on there will be days that are just so busy that my mind is constantly elsewhere and preoccupied. Coping mechanism or fact of life I’m not sure, but I know that I’m lucky in having had over 40 years of experiences and time on this earth to recall and reminisce about. 

I’m reminded of a quote from Dr Seuss,… “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. 

Ride on bro. 



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