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Well, it seems that there is still an issue with WordPress and the Subscribe2 plugin.   In deactivating the WP Mail SMTP plugin my email notifications about new blog posts stopped being sent.
So here I am again, in a final test (I swear i’m not trying to drag this out), reactivating that plugin to see if email notifications are indeed sent, which IMHO determines unequivocally that the issue is a problem between WordPress (2.9.2 and 3.0)  and the Subscribe2 plugin with regards to the way WP sends mail.

So if you are experiencing the same issue, go and grab the plugin and install it.  It should fix your issue, and get you back to what you want to do – Blog, instead of trying to find out why your subscribers aren’t being informed of your latest musings.  Unless of course your blog is about  computer problems and tech and blogging that is.



Well, that worked.

If you read the previous blog entry you know what I am referring to, if not, scroll down and take a quick read of the last post.  The issue seemed to be fixed, now the unfortunate part is figuring out what fixed it.  Was it the upgrade of WordPress to 3.0 or was it the WP Mail SMTP plugin?

To figure it out, i’m deactivating the plugin and will post this entry as the second part of the test.  For those not familiar with WP or how the plugins work, or even what they are let me explain.

A plugin is basically an additional component that can be added to the “out of the box” WordPress install.   They are custom tweaks that are created by third-party developers or programmers to handle a specific problem or issue or desire that wasn’t part of the standard WP install.

These plugins can be wonderful, or can be a pain in the butt if they don’t play well with others, be it the version of WP you use or other plugins that you have installed.  (you may actually get a warning from in your plugin list if you try to install one and it fails or isn’t tested with the version you use.) The nice thing is that WP has made it very easy to go into your admin Dashboard and change whether the plugins are activated or deactivated without deleting them or losing settings.  I had to do this to install WordPress 3.0.  For some reason one of the plugins was stopping the automatic install.  Deactivating them all allowed the automatic upgrade to proceed without a glitch.

So, as stated, the WP Mail SMTP plugin is deactivated and i’m posting this entry.  Crossing my fingers and clicking the Publish button now…


It was a wacky problem I was having. Seemed to be intermittent, which as anyone who tries to troubleshoot anything knows – be it computers, cars, or personal health – those are the worst. “It only does it occasionally” is one of those phrases that makes tech-geeks, mechanics and doctors shudder.

The plugin I use to gather subscribers email addresses is called Subscribe2 and had been working without issue for some time. Until very recently that is.  After searching around a bit , checking out the developers website and forum/blog etc, I stumbled across a thread on Get Satsfaction.  If you are not familiar with Get Satisfaction you might want to be.  Its a great place to find info and see the issues and errors other people are having and what has been tried to fix it, and if you are lucky the developers are also on there too so you can get first hand help and advice.

I’m trying out the WP Mail SMTP plugin to see if changing from the default PHP mail to SMTP for sending out notifications will work. Also, WP 3.0 is out and I installed it last night. (note to anyone having issues with the auto-install of WordPress 3.0 – turn off your plug-ins and then try.  worked like a charm for me.)  With the reported over 2700 changes in WordPress 3.0 i’m hoping for good things, so far i like the tweaks i’ve seen.

So i’m posting this blog entry in two parts to see if the problem is fixed. I am also going to deactivate the WP Mail SMTP plug-in and test if the email notifications still work, but that’s part 2.

to be cont’d…


A good friend asked me to set up my blog so that he could get email notifications whenever i post a new entry (he has an aversion to RSS feeds it would seem) So being one to jump at a chance to learn something new and make my blog better i went in search of a simple way to do it. I didn’t have to look too far, just searched in the WordPress plugins directory and found a couple that might work and after narrowing it down settled on “Subscribe2“.

Subscribe2 is a WordPress plugin and once installed and activated, it allows registered users to change their preferences to be notified of new posts, and even if they want, only to be notified of new posts in certain categories.  So, faithful readers, to any and all of you who would like to be notified of new posts, login to my website and adjust your user settings.  (you can use the easy link in the “email Updates” widget in the sidebar)  In there you will see a new option to be notified of new posts via email so you will never again miss my musings and comments.  Kinda puts the pressure on me to be witty, entertaining and informative.  Yikes, what have i done.