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Some time back, we decided we needed to update our company website and were smart enough to realize we needed to bring in someone who does it for a living, not just try to get by with doing it ourselves, or having it done by someone who does it on the side in their spare time.
After getting quotes for the design of the new website from a number of local design firms, and then settling on who was going to be working with us in this endeavor, we got into the long process of a new from-the-ground-up website, and let me tell you, its taken longer, and required more effort than I realized it would, but it’s finally getting close to launch.
Here’s a sneak peek of the old… vs the new… I think you should be able to tell which is which…

We’re hoping to get it officially launched and go live with it next week, which is probably a good thing since the more I look at it, the more I want to tweak and add things… sometimes you just have to say “its done, quit effing with it” and move on.

Besides, it’s not like I’m short on other things I need to be working on.  No rest for the wicked as they say… and I’m getting the feeling I was very wicked in many past lives and it’s all catching up now.



When i started blogging i did so with the intent of having a website that was basically static and then i would have a blog on the side so to speak. I’ve blogged enough about the website designing and redesigning process over the past few years so I’m not going to blather on about that anymore, this is more to do with the day to day blogging side.

I went thru the gamut as far as that goes, using many different hosts, a free wordpress hosted site, a blogger site which was also free, as well as numerous different other free options most of which entailed the website address being similar to “” if you were lucky enough to get the actual name you wanted which wasn’t always available and even so i didn’t like very much since it made for a long url.  I tried many, some i actually set up like and blogger/blogspot, others i poo-pooed during the initial setup without them ever going live, before finally deciding to just streamline the entire web/blog process and merge it all together.

Initially the first kick at the can was my .org site.  (I had originally wanted .com or .ca, but they were taken as were most of the others out there with the exception of My blogsite evolved in time from me trying to make iWeb look the way i wanted, to using Rapidweaver, and then finally WordPress, each time featuring the blog posts on the front page of the site. For some reason after about a year and a half or so, i decided to check the availability of domains again and much to my surprise was available.  With no hesitation i grabbed it. Thats the thing about domains, they become available and then disappear quickly if you take too long to think, unless of course its something obscure like “” (yeah, i checked, its available at the time i write this but hurry it may go fast).  But i digress… i got the .ca domain i wanted and was mirroring the .org site for a while during the switch, and then eventually just redirected the .org to the .ca for about a year just in case, keeping the email accounts alive as well before finally deciding to let the .org domain slip away not to be renewed.  Goodbye .org, you served me well.

Why all the fuss about .ca? Well, i am Canadian and proud of it, and in this humble bloggers opinion nothing helps say that better on the interweb more than having a .ca domain.  There is no guessing where i’m from, if it wasn’t obvious from my accent neutral tone of voice, my blatant use of the letter U in so many words, my overly-polite manner even when being critical, or my love of beer – and sorry to my neighbours to the south i mean good beer, not that watered down version you produce – i am .ca-nadian.  Feel free to make jokes about us all living in igloos, using “eh” at the end of sentences, the way some of us say aboot, we’ve heard them all and laugh right along with you.  You see, thats another thing about being Canadian, we don’t mind the stereotypes, in fact as you may have noticed during the Olympics we embrace and reinforce them.  Now please excuse me while i eat some maple syrup covered back-bacon and search for my favorite toque.


Yep, its me

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I was checking out domains earlier today and noticed that this domain, was available so i snatched it up.  my other domain was originally set up because the .ca extension was not available at the time, and being a proud canadian, it was the one i originally had desired.  Not sure exactly what is going to happen with all the various blogs and domains at this time, but i wanted to jump at the opportunity and grab .ca to show the world, to quote a famous beer commercial “i am canadian”.